Saturday, January 5, 2008

BiTMICRO 1.6TB Solid State "Soft Drive"

Update 2/5/2008 : E-Disk® Altima™ Ultra320 SCSI SSD combines up to 1.6TB pure solid state storage capacities with 30,000 IOPS and a lightning-speed sustained throughput of up to 230 MB/sec to deliver highly reliable and performance-driven storage solutions for enterprise, military, and industrial applications
Set for an official announcement at CES next week, BiTMICRO's 832GB SSD uses some sort of proprietary technology that they call MLC memory.
BiTMICRO hasn't made any mention regarding pricing at this point, but they do plan for a launch sometime in Q3 2008.

Virtual Optics's vision for 2008 was hot for solid state in 2008, however never this hot.

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Anonymous said...

MLC (Multi-Level Cell) is not a proprietary technology but merely a less reliable form of NAND flash memory that stores two bits in the same space as one with the standard SLC (Single Level Cell) technology. It is commonly used today in low cost MP3 players and USB flash drive applications.