Saturday, September 29, 2007

RamSan-500 2TB Solid State Raid

The photo speaks for itself.. This 2TB flash array has 8FC ports, 64GB of DDR cache memory and hot swapable flash modules in a raid configuration. The management interface allows for quick configuration of LUNS and front lcd panel is used for setting the IP address and name. List price is $300K, or $150K/TB

CAPACITY: 1 to 2 TB Flash 16 to 64 GB DDR Cache
INTERFACES: 4Gb FC 2Gb 4x InfiniBand
PERFORMANCE: 100,000 IOPS 2 GB/s r/w

The Flash Memory (1-2TB usable capacity) is arrayed in nine RAID-5 protected hot swappable modules. The reliability of each module is further enhanced with ECC memory layouts, wear-leveling, and bad-block retirement. The RamSan-500 uses NAND-SLC flash memory, the highest quality of flash memory available on the market. The RamSan-500 is designed from the ground-up to protect data from the problems inherent to traditional flash storage.


Unknown said...

Do you know anyone who has tested one?

Unknown said...

Hi Yes, I just installed a RamSan-500. Very simple setup took me under 20 minutes to rack and configure.

We are doing a proof of concept and so far so good. It is a little expensive but the technology is cutting edge.

Performance is great and it is very fast.