Thursday, September 27, 2007

FusionIO: The Next Big Thing in Storage

Update: 12/28/07 -- FusionIO updated their web site... They have a new girl ( I like the old one) and an listed price of $2,400 for the 80GB model which is exactly $30/GB
The enterprise storage game just changed today. "Power of a SAN in the palm of your hand"

If FusionIO is for real, enterprise storage has just shifted gears. While storage vendors have been focusing on larger disk based systems with all the fancy features, it appears that out of nowhere a new storage solution was born today.

Demo Says
ioMemory & the ioDrive may prove to be among the most important products
ever to launch at DEMO. As our volumes of data and digital media soars, ioMemory addresses well the new demands of the digital content age. Yet this
high-performance, high-capacity, small-footprint, low-impact storage technology
may have tremendous implications for the design of data centers and their impact
on energy consumption, as much as for the product’s capability as a high-speed
storage solution.

A new flash storage card could make huge storage area networks go the way of the floppy disk. The company’s ‘ioDrive’ combines hundreds of gigabytes of flash storage onto a small computer card and company officials claim that the tiny card could replace banks of hard drives.

The card will initially have 80-640 GB of NAND flash on ONE PCI card and will scale up to 1.2 TB by the end of next year.

Available: 1Q 2008

Performance? Remember when you moved from floppy to a hard drive? FusionIO is taking us to the next level of performance just like the hard drive did when it replaced the floppy disk.

Here are the performance numbers:



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factual said...

I'm just starting to study up on these things but they do look amazing. I think they'd be amazing for use with snort. Are they for sale yet?

Unknown said...

Yes, they are currentl for sale...

Anonymous said...

I got a demo and put an entire sql db on it, jobs finish approx 60% faster.