Tuesday, September 11, 2007

VMworld 2007 Highlights

ESX 3i , Storage Vmotion and Site Recovery Manager (SRM)

ESX Server 3i is the industry’s first hardware-integrated hypervisor built on a next-generation thin architecture, giving your organization an efficient foundation for building a dynamic, automated data center.

Storage Vmotion gives the admin the ability to move the backend storage of a VM without taking the virtual machine down. It's still unclear exactly how this will be implemented, but basically the vmdk files will be copied to a new location then vmware will automagically swap to the new files. If you have a VM that needs faster disks, SVmotion it!

Site Recovery Manager will allow the admin to control how a system fails over to another site. The backend storage will do the syncing of the data, and virtual center will allow the control of switching to the new site. Business Recovery predefied! Nice!

VMware ESX Server 3.1.0 / VirtualCenter 2.1.0 features list - Updated with full details

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