Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Symantec Puredisk

Shadowed by their competitors, Symantec Puredisk solution is starting to turn heads. Well at least mine... Puredisk is now completely integrated into Netbackup 7, which means that a 3rd party solution or separate install is not required for backup deduplication. Out of the box, Puredisk is available to use at the switch of a license key.

Puredisk deduplication can be accomplished at the client, or at the media server and can be switched via netback policy. As a bonus, the puredisk pool can be replicated to a second pool incrementally and the netbackup catalog kept sync automagically.

Some amount duplication occurs on the initial backup depending on your data, but Puredisk shines on the next backup deduplicating all unchanged blocks. Nothing like seeing a 99% deduplication rate!

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