Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Advanced Single Instance Storage (A-SIS)

In May 2007, NetApp announced a new deduplication technology that can significantly increase the amount of data stored in a set amount of disk space: Advanced Single Instance Storage (A-SIS) deduplication. This technology is available (at no charge!) for NetApp.

How much space can you save? It depends on the data set and the amount of duplication it contains. Here are a couple of examples of the savings that NetApp customers have seen:

  • An investment management company reduced backups copies of their VMware images by 90%.
  • A test and measurements manufacturer realized a 98% space savings on daily database backups.
  • A global oil and gas company achieved a 35% space savings for its home directory storage.

Here's a great TechTalk A-SIS and a Technical Report Here

A-SIS is part of the Nearstore license which I believe is under $3K, but don't quote me... Your rep should be able to give you a quote. You need 1 license per filer and no other cost.
You vmware volumes will be reduced (calculate) by 50-80+% which will more than pay for the license...

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